Bunji is your app to connect travel discover

Live unparalleled adventures with those travelers you have connected along the way!

Connect with travelers from all over the world

Be part of the community, find other travelers like you in your destination, connect and share adventures.

You have the control

We know that you are concerned about your privacy, which is why you will only connect with the travelers that you decide.

Live local and unique experiences

Immerse yourself in the destinations you visit in a real way. Discover experiences designed for you at your destination and book them through the application.

Virtual passport

Do check'in in each city and country you visit, you can only do it once you are on the site. Show us how much of a traveler you are!

How it works?

We connect like-minded travelers in the same destination, giving you the option to choose who to connect with from your match list. Explore exciting experiences in our selection of experience matches. Explore, connect, plan and go on the adventure of a lifetime!

We create

Did you know that Bunji means mate in Australian aboriginal? Thus, we want you to be part of our #tribe of travelers, and have a space to connect and explore the world together.

Instant Compatibility

Bunji's intelligent algorithm analyzes your interests, personality and preferences to make incredible connections with travelers and experiences in your destination.

Your safety,
your control

Our app focuses on giving you full control over your interactions. You decide who you want to talk to, when and how.

Global connections

Expand your social circle, make friends from different cultures and create lasting bonds as you explore new destinations together.

Get inspired

Discover incredible destinations, exciting itineraries and unique recommendations from other passionate travelers. You will never run out of ideas for your next adventure.

Live like a local!

We connect you with authentic local experiences that will immerse you in the culture and lifestyle of the place you visit.


Bunji is the first all-in-one travel app that connects like-minded travelers so they can discover authentic experiences and go on unforgettable adventures together. We connect you with compatible travel companions and give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture for an enriching experience.

No! Bunji app is totally free! You can download it for free on your mobile device and use it at no additional cost. Enjoy all the features and benefits that Bunji offers without having to worry about fees or subscriptions. It’s time to start exploring the world!

Yeah! You can check the availability in your country by downloading the app from the relevant app stores.

Bunji allows you to connect with other travelers who share your interests, destinations, and travel style. You can find fellow travelers to share a particular adventure with or simply meet locals to get recommendations and immerse yourself in the culture of the place.

Trips have been devirtualized becoming tourist massifications, we run away from that! You will be able to discover unique activities, meet local people and live enriching experiences that will allow you to immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle of the place you visit. In addition, you will contribute with actions that promote sustainable tourism in each of our experiences. Traveling while contributing to sustainability is possible with Bunji!

If you are passionate about travel and content creation, Bunji offers you the opportunity to become a content creator. As a content creator at Bunji, you have the ability to generate income through your travel content. Monetize your talent and passion for travel! More information in the content creator section.