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Ushuaia, Argentina
3 días
Escape a la naturaleza, Trekking
Granada, España
2 días
Meditación, Trekking
Menorca, España
2.5 horas
Explora y aprende, Gastronomía
Agadir, Marruecos
8 días, 7 noches
Surf, Yoga
Chiang Mai, Tailandia
3 días, 2 noches
Ecoturismo, Trekking
Ushuaia, Argentina
10 horas
Aventuras extremas, Trekking

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I think it's the perfect tool for those of us who want to keep traveling and often struggle to find a group to join. Everything is better when you're in good company.
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The idea behind this app is excellent as it allows those of us who have to travel alone at times to meet new people and make plans with them. The app is super intuitive and easy to use.
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I find it a super useful app, and I absolutely love it. If there were more stars, I would rate it even higher.
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My first experience with the app couldn't have been better. I met incredible people while visiting Porto, and I've already made a few friends with upcoming trips to Iceland and Thailand.
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It has a wide range of trips from people and is extremely easy to use. I'm already excited for my next trip! My first experience in Japan was amazing!
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I haven't been able to coordinate a trip with my friends, but thanks to this app, I was able to share an experience with people I didn't know. It's a useful app if you're traveling to an unfamiliar destination on your own. Highly recommended 😉
Noelia BG
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Finally, an app that allows me to travel the world and meet new people. It's very user-friendly and free. I've already used it for two of my trips, and it was simply fantastic. It's become essential for me.

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Bunji is an innovative app that connects like-minded travelers so they can discover authentic experiences and embark on unforgettable adventures together. We connect you with compatible travel companions and provide you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture for an enriching experience.

No! The Bunji app is completely free! You can download it for free on your mobile device and use it without any additional charges. Enjoy all the features and benefits that Bunji offers without having to worry about fees or subscriptions. It’s time to start exploring the world!

Yes! You can check the availability in your country by downloading the app from the respective app stores.

Bunji allows you to connect with other travelers who share your interests, destinations, and travel style. You can find travel companions to share a specific adventure with or simply meet local people for recommendations and immerse yourself in the local culture.

Bunji connects you with authentic local experiences at your travel destination. You’ll discover unique activities, meet local people, and have enriching experiences that allow you to immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle of the place.

If you’re passionate about travel and content creation, Bunji offers you the opportunity to become a content creator. As a content creator on Bunji, you have the potential to generate income through your content. As your content becomes popular and attracts an engaged audience, you can participate in the monetization program for your talent and passion for travel. Visit the page “Are you Content Creator'”.